Germagic Biochemical Technology (SH) Co., Ltd

Germagic Biochemical Technology (SH) Co., Ltd. (GBT) is a joint venture by several outstanding enterprises among Mainland, Hong Kong & Taiwan, which is focusing on comprehensive environmental improvement technology.
GBT cooperates tightly with top universities and labs all around, and applies patent technology to research and develop the sophisticated Anti-Epidemic products, efficiently sterilizing bacteria & virus, preventing epidemics for public areas, schools, homes, offices, hotels, hospitals, army campus..etc., with all-round protection.


History of GERMAGIC™ Technology
Germagic Brand History
CCTV Journey of Discovery Channel – Charming China “The Awoken Air”
Key Research Institutions

HKUST- CIL Joint Laboratory of Environmental Health Technologies

This joint laboratory established by HKUST and Chiaphua Industries Ltd on May, 2018, focus on the innovative technology research and application to Environmental Improvement. Based on the world-famous scientific research
resource of HKUST and worldwide expert team. Aiming on the prevention and control of infectious disease, virus spread, air anti-epidemic, water treatment, anti-epidemic composite material and other biomolecule technology, and combined with the industry to develop social application and practice.

Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Disease

Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Disease is located in The First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, which is one of the earliest built institutes for respiratory diseases research in China. It’s widely praised worldwide after successful defending SARS outbreak led by the director Zhong, Nan-Shan in 2003, and also highly praised by the World Health Organization.

The University of Iowa, Carver College of Medicine

The Biomedical specialty from Carver College of Medicine of The University of Iowa is world famous, and its subordinate hospital is one of the largest and most acclaimed academic medical centers in the United States. According to the latest “Best Hospital” rankings, The University of Iowa Hospital and Clinic once again listed as one of the best hospitals and has been rated consecutive as the best hospital in the United States for more than 10 years.

Virus Research Center Sendai Medical Center, Japan

Sendai Medical Center is one of the few Clinical Virology laboratories established in Japan in 1963.
Since it established, it has made remarkable achievements and was listed as WHO (World Health Organization) Respiratory Virus Research Cooperation Center in 1989.

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