Germagic ICE BioTech Pure Air

We provide our Pure Air+ solutions through the application of the patented anti-microbial technology of GERMAGIC™ products for our commercial customers, public consumers, and institutional partners.

Our unique and superior GERMAGIC™ products (GERMAGIC™ Air Purifiers, GERMAGIC™ HEPA filters, GERMAGIC™ Disinfectant Spray etc.) will both purify the air and kill harmful virus and bacteria at the same time. In addition, we are able to provide air-sanitization solutions to resolve specific air quality problems for the commercial and institutional customers.

Clean Water Solution

Clean Water+ solution – using our proprietary Nano Bubble System with years of industrial experiences, and proven results achieved through the advancement and application of Nano Bubble technology across various industries, we have demonstrated that we can assist you with a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for specific water treatment challenge. 

ICE BioTech Consultancy Services

We provide the following Consultancy Services for Pure Air+ and Clean Water+ solutions:

  • Site Inspection and Pollution Assessment
  • Requirement Analysis and Proposal
  • System Installation and Set Up
  • Project and Operational Management
  • Product Sales and Distributor Support
  • Monitoring and Maintenance Management
ICE BioTech Training

Part of our value-added service for our Customers is through knowledge sharing, skills and product training of your staff. We want to empower your staff to be better equipped with knowledge of the problems, solutions, and skills in using our products, equipment, methods, and technologies.

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