iCE BioTech Nano Bubble System
A Global Solution for Clean Water+

Nano Bubbles are extremely small gas bubbles that have several unique physical properties that make them very different from normal bubbles. These properties make Nano Bubbles a superior aeration method for a number of applications around the world.

Effective Water Treatment Solutions for Industries

Water Purification for Lakes, Reservoirs, Ponds etc.
Clean Water Treatment Solution

Providing lakes, reservoirs, and ponds with a cost-effective green solution for the purification of polluted water and maintaining aquatic lives.

Our innovative Nano Bubble technology cleans polluted water economically without the use of any chemicals, biological agents or filters. This innovative solution enable us to treat highly contaminated water, prevent growth of algae and red tides, reduce pH and COD levels to acceptable norms, as well as removing sludge and unwanted odors naturally.

Water Purification for Polluted Urban Rivers, Canals etc.
Clean Water Treatment for Canal

We use cutting-edge Nano Bubble technology to effectively purify water in urban rivers and canals via bio-remediation.
The unique process exposes the entire water column to dissolved oxygen over several months. The result is the stimulation of a natural, self-cleaning action to produce purified water that is both clean and safe for water creatures.

Water Purification for Fishery Breeding Ponds etc.
Koi Fish in Clean Water

Natural purification of water to provide an enriched living environment for water creatures such as fishes, prawns, crabs, oysters, shellfish etc.
Our proven results demonstrate how Nano Bubble technology can create a conducive living habitat for water creatures by removing harmful chemicals and pollutants in the environment with lower cost of production.

Treatment of Aquaculture Wastewater Discharge
Water Treatment

Wastewater management is linked to efficient aquaculture operations and sustainable profit. If left untreated, contaminated wastewater becomes a major challenge both financially and operationally.  The management of wastewater is therefore  a business issue as well as an environmental and technical matter.

The challenge with treating wastewater is not only compliance with stringent regulations but to do so at lower energy consumption and operational costs.

The by-product of aquaculture wastewater is a build-up of contaminants. Over time, these contaminants form a thick sediment layer at the bottom of the water column.

At this layer little or no oxygen is available for microbial growth. In this anaerobic state, good bacteria that usually clean wastewater cannot breakdown the organic and inorganic pollutants in the water because it does not have the oxygen to survive. As a result undesired pH and COD levels are reached, leaving wastewater in an unacceptable and smelly state.

Our innovative Nano Bubble technology cleans wastewater economically and without the use of any harmful chemicals, biological agents or filters.

The ability of this Nano Bubble technology to treat highly contaminated water, reduce pH and COD levels to acceptable norms as well as removal of sludge and unwanted odors naturally, is just amazing.

Effective Cleaning Solutions for Food and Surface Areas
Nano Bubble for  Food Cleaning

Food spoilage and contamination of food waste millions of dollars every year. Pathogens, viruses, and chemical residues can pose major health risks to consumers all over the world.

These health risks have given rise to a sophisticated food safety industry that focuses on the handling, preparation, and storage of food in ways that prevent spoilage and food-borne illness caused by bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungus.

Common treatment methods include costly chemicals and pesticides that are not suitable for human consumption.

A better solution is through the use Nano Bubble technology with oxygen, ozone, and carbon dioxide (CO2). This technology efficiently delivers oxygen or ozone to the treatment process, providing a natural alternative to chemicals and pesticides.

In addition, Nano Bubble technology is effective in providing Surface Cleaning for removal of pesticides and other organic compounds in storage equipment and containers for food preparation.

Nano bubbles can also replace the use of cleaning chemicals. Trillions of nano bubbles smaller than 100 nm in size are effective at removing particulates from the surface due to their negative charge.

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