Water Treatment Using iCE BioTech NB System
Project Reference Water Treatment
Water Purification Projects in China
Principles of Operation
Process Principles of Nano Technology

The iCE BioTech NB System is an innovative Nano Bubble (Ultra-Fine Bubble) Generator system designed for the effective aeration and sanitation of ground and surface water applicable for many industries.

The proprietary NB System produces huge energy field, dissociating water molecules into two phases of gas and liquid. The process creates formation of large quantity of ionic state Nano Bubbles being injected into polluted water body.

Over a short period of days – customers experienced critical quality improvement of the water. Within a week of application, the smell of the water is resolved and great improvement in the quality of the water.

Customer: Henan Province, Shangqiu Landscape Pools
Before Treatment Water Project 2

Before water treatment – as seen in the picture, the water was heavily polluted. Quality of water was dirty with algae, dark in color, bad smell, visible pollutants, little aquatic lives, and poor clarity of water.


Shiang Xi Lake  Nano Bubble Project 5

Installation of iCE BioTech NB System according to water treatment requirements.


Water Treatment Project Nano Bubble

During initial process of water treatment – where polluted particles and contaminated objects started to float up to the water surface.


Nano Bubble Shiang Xi Lake Project 9

After water treatment process – just a week later, customer reported that the water becomes clearer, bad smell was gone and water clarity had improved.


Nano Bubble Shiang Xi Lake Project 10

Quality of water continued to improve significantly with fishes seen swimming in the restored ecosystem.

Results of Water Purification Project
Koi Fish Picture After Cleaning


  • Effectively remove algae and excessive microorganisms, improve water transparency and increase dissolved oxygen.
  • Fast dialysis speed, effectively degrading and reducing organic sludge, and removing odor in water.
  • Effectively reduce water quality indicators such as faecal coliform, BOD, COD, etc.
  • Improve the activity of microbial fish in water bodies and restore water ecosystems
Customer: Jinan City in Tianqiao District River Purification
Zhi Nan Shu River Project 3


The river is ecologically dredged, with a length of about 1.56 km. Due to the discharge of domestic wastewater, the river became black, smelly and full of pollutants.


Zhi Nan Shu River Project 1


Installation of iCE BioTech NB System according to requirements.


Zhi Nan Shu River Project 2


Condition of river before water treatment


Zhi Nan Shu River Project 7


After 24 hours, a large amount of sediment and scum were floating at 500 – 800 meters downstream

Project Conclusion:

Seven days after water treatment, the water body was clear and quality of water improved significantly.

Zhi Nan Shu River Project 10

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